Neurotoxicity and the IARS Review – Podcast No. 3

A quick summary of interesting things from the IARS 2017 meeting in Washington, this time in the audio form. By Dr Andrew Weatherall

Alright, it’s a bit rare to have a podcast episode on this site but maybe that could change. If you want to have a listen you can go here:


Washington copy

Things that Washington also offered. Rain. There’s a big monument somewhere out there.

Anyway, here it is.

Right click and choose save as to download the podcast. (That’s control-click if you’re on a trusty Mac.)

Of course you could just find the podcast over at iTunes here.

Or the rss feed is here.

A couple of things mentioned in the chat include:

The GAS study. 

The PANDA study. 

Here’s the O’Leary database study.

Then here’s the Graham cohort study.

Here’s a response piece to the FDA warning in the NEJM by Andropoulos and Greene. Then here’s the “the FDA warning is baloney” response from Europe that’s just out.

In the meantime, there’s a fleeting mention of Laura Cornelissen and crew and their EEG work. Here’s their recent paper on EEG discontinuity with the editorial that goes with it.

Don’t forget that comments are always very welcome. Plus if you find it all a bit interesting, there’s somewhere on this page where you can find the “fill in your details to get the emails” option.


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