Other Places We Visit

How boring would the world be if you stayed in one spot all the time?

Here’s a collection of other sites we think are worth a look:


This is a great site which has a mix of articles, videos and Q and A sections on anaesthesia. Set up by Dr Daniel Jolley and Dr Brad O’Connor, it’s excellent.


A great site which posts evolving cases for people to comment on. You get thoughts from a range of people from all over the world on tricky cases. Also excellent.

Don’t Forget the Bubbles

This is an excellent Australian site with a wide range of contributors on many things paediatric (not so much of the anaesthesia though). Definitely worth the time.


Dr Gavin Doolan has quite the collection of brief tips, tricks and posts to chew on here. Sort of hoping it gets more active again.


Here is a dedicated paeds anaesthesia forum site. You’ll have to wait for clearance but worth dropping by.

CareFlight Collective

Declarations up front – at least one of our team (Dr Andrew Weatherall) is involved with this site which runs the gamut of prehospital and retrieval medicine (but there’s more than a few distinct posts on paediatrics stuff).


OK, this one might be a little left field. But this is a place to go where you can find amazing curios of art and science from around the world. It can’t all be about medicine.

Animals Sitting on Capybaras

Because capybaras. Did you not realise you need capybaras?


By the way, we’re very open to travel tips. Let us know if there’s any sites we should add to the list.

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