A Very Quick Link

A quick note from Andrew W..

While there’s usually a bit of downtime on the site posts this year to allow a bit of a refresh, I’ll put up something pointing back to the most popular posts of the year sometime in the next week or so.

In the meantime, this is the quickest of posts that should have been put up a while back. In August of this year (it’s still 2017 … just…) I had a chance to do a talk on the parent’s perspective of copping bad news.

People were pretty kind about the talk and the podcast version I later put up (because the reference list I initially produced was obviously a bit marooned and people didn’t know what to make of it).

Well the folks from Don’t Forget the Bubbles recorded those talks and actually put it up there for people to see not that long ago. It occurs to me I should have put the link up in case people wanted to see the live version or if they just prefer video options. So here’s the link to the video.


Maybe you’ll find something there or have clever thoughts to add that I should have mentioned.

It’s also a good chance to hopefully get you to go and have a look at the Don’t Forget the Bubbles site more broadly because it’s an exceptional resource on paediatric acute stuff with lots of excellent contributors.

If you have any way to get to Melbourne at the right time of year there’s a good chance you’ll also enjoy the conference. 2017 was the first one they ran and reports were superb (I only got to hang out for my session). 2018 looks pretty great. If you’re not sure, why not check out one of the other talks from someone I find very inspiring, Dr Natalie Thurtle.

Meanwhile, thanks for dropping by so much and sharing clever thoughts. Be back in 2018.


That image is one from unsplash.com which is a pretty great site for images that are OK to share. That one was posted by Greg Rakozy.



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